The Virgin Leadership Experience
You’re A New Boss – Now What?™

Quickly get results with your new team, deliver to
your boss and become the boss that people don’t want to quit!


Here’s the deal:
You’re a fantastic employee and you’ve been tapped on the shoulder to be a supervisor, team lead or manager. Congratulations!

They told you how great you are, but didn’t give you much guidance on how you start leading some of the folks that you used to go to lunch with.

You’re being trained on how to do the “new stuff” in your role, but not so much on how to lead and work with a team to get things done or how to succeed in this new way or working.

You’re great at “the work” but what about everything else? Setting expectations with your team and working with them to get things done? Ensuring that you know what your boss wants and how to give it to her?

If this sounds like you (or someone you promoted), then the Virgin Leadership Experience is for you!

You can successfully lead your new team WITHOUT micromanaging.
You can excel as a leader WITHOUT “drinking from a fire hose.”
You can deliver results for the organization WITHOUT doing it all by yourself.

What happens is:
Our best and brightest employees are easy to promote.

We assume that because they’re awesome in their current role, that they will make great management material. After all, why wouldn’t they?

We may intend to provide leadership training but life happens, projects continue, customers need us and the next thing you know months have gone by and we have yet to invest in their leadership development training.

In an ideal world, time waits for a smooth transition and the perfect just-in-time training opportunities.


Well until that happens, introducing
The Virgin Leadership Experience - New Boss Now What?™
One day highly interactive leadership training

  • Go from one of the gang to leading the gang
  • Quickly engage with your team and get quick wins
  • Create a great atmosphere that employees want to work in
  • Learn to give and receive feedback
  • Understand what your boss wants and how to give it to her
  • Lead with excellence
  • Interpret and consider “unwritten rules”
  • Deliver results
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Take advantage of this training now!

The Cost of Employee Turnover
The Danger in Assuming New Leaders Know More Than They Really Do
The Cost of Low Morale and Low Productivity

According to Gallup polls, a full 50% of employees who quit cite their manager as the reason.
Bad bosses are bad for business. Period.
People don’t quit organizations, they quit their bosses.

Why Karen?

I’ve been a manager, won a few awards and know what it takes to engage people and work for them! I’ve served on leadership teams as part of management and wowed and delighted clients. More importantly, I’ve had multiple instances of folks who worked for me, left the company and then asked to come back. AND I was referred and recommended for a newly created position by a former employee!!! So not only do people want to work for me, they’ve seen me in action as a boss and feel confident in referring me to their teams and companies. Oh and I just happen to have a really strong Human Resources background too, so I speak, teach and train.

“Karen has demonstrated great leadership capabilities in meeting the needs of our clients, employees and company by implementing Banner Staffing employee rewards and recognition programs, and engaging in training programs for staff while maintaining a positive, professional atmosphere” Ramon Diaz, President – Banner Staffing


Karen Warren, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is a speaker and trainer and the creator of popular programs such as The Virgin Leadership Experience – New Boss, Now What? ™ and The Attitude Adjustment. With over two decades in management, human resources, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience leading engaged teams, Karen has served as an award-winning Human Resources Program Manager for Banner Staffing and also as an Operations Manager and Project Manager with PDI Ninth House, now a Korn Ferry company. She is a Senior Professional in Human Resources, SPHR; certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute and SHRM-SCP, certified by the Society of Human Resources Management and continues to work with the best and brightest in the leadership and personal development field.

So let’s go!

  • Increase productivity with engaged employees who want to work for you
  • Empower your team to deliver without micromanaging
  • Conquer the fear of tough conversations
  • Develop your ability to execute through your team
  • Improve communication by actively listening
  • Discover the leadership formula you must apply to ensure professional success

The Virgin Leadership Experience – New Boss, Now What?™ includes:

  • Immediate action steps to take now
  • Our favorite leadership book
  • Incredible resources for new leaders
  • Networking and collaboration with other leaders
  • On the spot problem solving
  • Live coaching
  • Q & A
  • New leader interview
  • Delicious catered lunch
  • Healthy morning and afternoon breaks
  • Shh! Surprises throughout the day


If you don’t love it, you’ll get a complete refund. I’ve removed all risk to you. I believe in the program that much. You can’t afford not to try this. So make the decision now that will deliver the results for you and your organization.


Click to register below! Hurry, seats will sell out fast. Remember, this is a “working” training so it’s only available to a small group which means seating is truly limited.

I really hope to meet you and work with you at this unique training experience. With immediate action steps, hands-on application and interactive activities (and a few surprises as well), I just know that you’ll leave armed, excited and eager to get back to the office to create powerful results.